How to change your name on Roblox

How to change your name on Roblox?

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Many people who sign up for a Roblox account hardly don’t know how to change your name on Roblox or give their username any thought. Some individuals do it only to experiment, while others are too eager to begin making or performing games to give it much thought.

Being able to alter your Roblox username is useful information to have. If, for any reason, your current one is no longer sufficient. Depending on the platform you’re using, we’ll outline all the procedures you need to do in the section below.

How to change your name on Roblox

6 Killer Quora Answers on How To Change Your Name On Roblox

Changing your username on a computer will be the same if you really are using Windows or macOS. You must go to the Roblox website to update your username since it will be linked to your account. Using any browser that allows you to access the Roblox website is sufficient. The following are the steps to altering your username:

1.Log into your account on the Roblox website after that.

2. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your browser’s screen. The Settings dropdown menu will then be shown.

3. Select Settings.

4. Verify that the Account Info tab is selected. If not, choose Account Info from the left-hand menu. The edit button is to the right of your nickname. Click it.

5. Enter your new preferred username and your Roblox password in the popup.

6. To change your username, you must pay 1,000 Robux. Click Buy if you have the necessary finances. You should now see a new username. Currently, you can navigate outside of this window.

How to change your name on Roblox on an Android Device? Don’t Know How? Read Here To

How to change your name on Roblox

How to change your name on Roblox mobile, the methods for changing your username are rather similar. The process for creating an account is pretty identical regardless of the platform. On an Android smartphone, do the following actions to update your username:

1. Launch the Roblox app on your mobile device.

2. Open an online account.

3. Tap the Settings icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. The symbol appears as three dots enclosed in a circle.

4. Scroll down the options until you reach Settings. A huge gear would serve as its emblem. Touch it.

5. Click on Account Info in the list of choices that appears.

6. Click on the edit button next to your username.

7. Next, type your Roblox password and the new username you want to use.

8. Just as in the PC version, changing your name will cost you 1,000 Robux. Tap on Buy if you have the necessary amount available.

9. Your username ought to have been changed by now. You can leave this screen by navigating.

How to change your Username on Roblox on an Android Phone:

How to change your name on Roblox

How to change your name on Roblox for both the iPhone and the Android have a comparable Roblox mobile app. Changing your username follows a similar procedure. Follow the directions provided above for the Android version of the app if you want to change your username.

9 Tips and Tricks for Beginners to Change Username on Xbox on Roblox

How to change your name on Roblox, You’ll also need to verify your account if you use the console version of Roblox in order to be able to alter your username. There are only a few small changes from the other platforms in the procedure. Here are the stages in detail:

1. Open the Roblox app on your Xbox.

2. Immediately log in if you haven’t previously. Two buttons are visible when you start the software. The first demands your Gamertag while the second asks for your username. If you use your Xbox Gamertag as your username and wish it to change, you must modify it. This is done on the Microsoft website, not Roblox. Log in using your user account.

3. Open the Settings panel if necessary. Place your cursor over the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen to accomplish this.

4. Choose Settings, then click on it.

5. Open Account Details.

6. The edit icon is to the right of your present nickname. Click it.

7. Then enter your Roblox password after choosing your new preferred username.

8. The cost of changing your name is 1,000 Robux. Click Buy if you wish to move forward and have that much money available.

9. You should update your username. Now that you may leave this screen.

Roblox for PlayStation, an Adventure Game

How to change your name on Roblox

You can change your name on the Playstation 4 version of Roblox in the same way as you do on the Xbox, i.e. by launching the app, or you may do it online. A functional built-in web browser is available on the PlayStation 4. Open the web browser and enter “Roblox” if you want to utilize it. Follow the directions provided above for the PC version.

If using the application appeals to you more, simply follow the Xbox’s instructions. The procedure is comparable.

Help! I Forgot or change my Email Address for All Platforms on Roblox

These steps can be used if you want to alter your email address rather than your username.

1. To access the Account Information window, follow the steps provided above for your platform.

2. Select Update email from the menu instead of clicking or touching the edit icon next to your login.

3. Type in your new email address and Roblox password in the box that appears.

4. Press the Update Email button.

5. The email address you supplied will get a confirmation message. 6. Open that message, and then adhere to the email’s instructions.

7. Your new email address should now be configured as your default email after you’ve verified it.

Here are some frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the most typical queries about altering Roblox usernames.

Are there any limits or constraints attached to renaming my Roblox user?

Are there any limits or constraints attached to renaming my Roblox user?

No overt limitations on name changes have been imposed by the Roblox creators. However, you may argue that the payment condition alone constitutes a limitation. However, there are a few guidelines you should remember while changing your username:

1. Older posts will continue to be shown under your old identity even though all of your previous forum entries will still be accessible. However, your overall post counts will still be credited under your new identity.

2. If you alter your username, your account’s creation date won’t be reset. Anyone who has earned the title of a veteran will continue to use it.

3. People who are familiar with you by your previous username can still look you up using that identity. Even if you change your nickname, you will still be tied to the name since it is locked to you.

4. To receive the 1,000 Robux, using an old username will require another name change.

5. The standard naming constraints, which are as follows, apply to all new usernames:

a. Inappropriate terms or phrases should not be used in user names.

b. Usernames must not violate trademarked brands or names.

c. Usernames are not limited to numbers.

d. Spaces are not permitted in user names.

e. There can be only one underscore.

f. A username cannot have an underscore at the start or end.

g. A maximum of 20 characters.

h. Requires a minimum of three characters.

I. Multiple usernames are prohibited. You will be prompted to try again if you enter a name that is already in use.

No special characters are permitted.

K. Since banned players’ usernames are still linked to them, banned names cannot be used again.

l. No account owned or registered by a person under the age of 13 may include any identifying information.

m. As previously indicated, locked and inaccessible old identities of other accounts.

n. You are unable to utilize the term Robloxian followed by digits unless you are utilizing the mobile version.

6. If you’ve changed your username, visiting your Profile or Login Details page will show you a list of all of your previous names.


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