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The Resident Evil 8 Village

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Resident Evil 8 Village is a 2021 survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. It is the sequel to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Players control Ethan Winters, who searches for his kidnapped daughter in the Resident Evil 8 village filled with mutant creatures.

  • The approaching age of constancy unwilling sameness climbs as Resident Evil Village, the eighth important section in the Resident Evil series. With super reasonable plates fueled by the Shaft Machine, battle for persistence as danger hides everywhere.

resident evil village initial release date: 7 May 2021
Developer: Capcom
Series: Resident Evil
Genre: Action, Horror
Engine: RE Engine
Screen Languages: Arabic, English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia
Awards: The Game Award for Best Performance
Publishers: Capcom, Capcom U.S.A., Inc.

Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • It is another excellent chapter in the long-running series. Capcom definitely learned from the mistakes of some of their previous games and revised a few concepts, especially in comparison to Resident Evil 7 biohazard.
  • The latter was often criticized for not feeling like a true “The Resident Evil 8 Village ” game, as it was too disturbing for many fans.
  • That’s why Village has more been inspired by older games like Resident Evil 4 or even Code Veronica, which are considered among the best ones by many players.

Resident Evil 8 Village Walkthrough:

Part 1 – Into the Hell!

  • The events take place in Europe, in a small village called Sue. In The Resident Evil 8 characters, you incarnate the role of Ethan Winters, who goes to search for his missing wife, Mia Winters. An unknown village will become your new home.
  • On your journey, you must fight Lycan and zombies to unlock the mysteries of this place. It is not resident evil village characters as we know it. This time, the authors abandoned the classical formula to propose something more original and dynamic.
  • We will therefore approach a much more open game than in previous episodes, which will put us in front of choices to make and which will have real consequences.


Ethan Winters’ Diary

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from The Resident Evil 8 village
  • Ethan Winters is a man who has faced every horror imaginable. He has had experiences that have changed his life, and he has suffered losses most people only dream of.
  • But nothing has prepared him for what awaits him now: the dark, foreboding village in which he finds himself.
  • Picked up by S.T.A.R.S. and deposited in what appears to be a European village.
  • Ethan is alone and confused. Where is he? What is happening here? Why do the people look… wrong? And why are there so many werewolves? As you take control of Ethan’s body, you will navigate the dark streets of this town, trying to make sense of all that is happening around you.
  • You will see strange things: creatures that come out at night to hunt; The Resident Evil 8 villagers who seem more dead than alive; the occasional mysterious house with its own strange secrets.
  • As you explore, you will uncover a mystery that seems to be at the heart of Ethan’s presence in this place… but is it real?

Mia Winters The Fiancee Who Died

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • Mia Winters is the wife of Ethan, the protagonist of the original Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Once a member of the organization who developed the bioweapon that caused the incident at the Baker home, Mia is now pregnant with Ethan’s child and has been kidnapped by Chris Redfield.
  • In the trailer for Resident Evil 8 Village, we see Mia tied to a chair and in obvious distress. She screams for help before pleading with Ethan to run away, saying that “he” will kill him if he doesn’t leave immediately.
  • It is unclear whom Mia is talking about, but it could be Chris Redfield. The trailer also shows a group of men in a snowy area, including Chris and another man holding a shotgun.
  • While Chris may not kill Ethan himself, it’s possible that he intends to use Ethan as bait for whatever purpose his organization has at hand in Resident evil village dlc.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Rosemary Winters!

The Resident Evil 8 Village-Rosemarry
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • Rosemary Winters is the daughter of Ethan and Mia Winters, and the focus of much of the storyline in The Resident Evil 8 village. When Rosemary was born, Ethan and Mia wanted a simple life for their new family, so they moved to a remote settlement in Europe.
  • However, after Chris Redfield breaks into the Winters’ home and kidnaps Rosemary, Ethan is forced to venture out into a village filled with monsters that have been terrorizing the local residents.
  • All Ethan wants is to find his daughter, but she’s not alone—she’s accompanied by none other than Mother Miranda.

Mother’s Sacrifice (Chapter 1)

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • The ruler of the The Resident Evil 8 village, with four lords serving under her, Mother Miranda is a mysterious woman indeed. The villagers have a devout faith in her, but her true face is hidden behind a mask.
  • Her name is Miranda, and she is the mother of the four lords. But what is not clear yet is why everyone calls her mother because the word “mother” refers to the mother of a child—and that usually means at least one woman gave birth to at least one child.
  • So we take it that Mother Miranda is a woman who has given birth to at least one child.
  • But if she did have children, why are they called lords? The meaning of “lord” is someone who rules over something or someone as their superior or master.
  • So it seems that these four lordly children do not see themselves as being below their Mother Miranda; rather, they see themselves as being above her in some way.

The Queen Of Corman’s Landing

The Resident Evil 8 Village -Alcina Dimitrescu
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • Alcina Dimitrescu is a bit of a mystery. She’s known as the mistress of the castle, which looms over the The Resident Evil 8 village, but what she does inside its walls, and why she chooses to stay there, are yet to be discovered.
  • When you come across her in the game, Alcina is wearing a stunning gown that emphasizes her dainty waist and long legs, with a sheer black veil covering her face from view. She carries herself with a grace that only increases her otherworldly beauty.
  • If Alcina has any weaknesses, or if you can use them against her when you encounter her in-game, has yet to be revealed.
  • We’re hoping that her looks are deceiving and that finding out about them will help us get one step closer to understanding what’s really going on in this The Resident Evil 8 village.

The Duke’s Pricing Guide & Buying Tips

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • The Duke is a mysterious resident of the village. He lives in a shop that provides a wide array of goods, from food to weapons. He also sells valuable materials that can be used to upgrade your equipment.
  • He’s not “strange” in an otherworldly sort of way. Just strange like ‘he never goes outside’ or ‘he only speaks when spoken to’. And ‘he always has that creepy smile on his face, if you ask around.
  • But whatever, what’s there to worry about? The Duke will be happy to replenish your supply of bullets and herbs, so you have nothing to fear… right?

Hound Wolf Squad X The Resident Evil 8 village

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • Hi, The Chris Redfield! You’ve probably heard of him. I’m the leader of the Hound Wolf Squad, the elite team that’s been called in to help you solve The Resident Evil 8 village.
  • I know you’re nervous—that’s totally normal. But trust me: once you’ve been through one of these situations, they get easier. The most important thing to remember is that you’re not alone in this. Your friends and family can help you too; just make sure they have the right information so they know how to help.
  • The first step is getting a headcount on your team—you’ll need at least five people with at least two years of experience before we can go any further.
  • (And if anyone has a Delta 5 or 6 background, make sure to give them a call!) Once you’ve done that, it’s time to move forward with your plan!

Four Lords Of Shadow 2: Karl Heisenberg, The Ogre-Mage

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • One of the four lords that you’ll encounter on your journey through The Resident Evil 8 village is Karl Heisenberg. You’ll meet him as you explore the factory just outside the The Resident Evil 8 village—it’s a place where he’s created some of his most dangerous creatures, including his own mutant form.
  • Heisenberg is a genius engineer who has spent years creating highly-complex machinery and devices, but he’s also got a giant hammer to back up his threatening looks and bold attitude. You’ll want to keep your distance from this one.

A Walking Leak of Noisome Fog

Meet Donna Beneviento.

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • First, we’ve got a lot of fog. Fog is pretty much unavoidable when you live in a valley, so you might as well embrace it—and she does. She even adds more fog for good measure, just like most people add salt to their food (except you can’t eat fog).
  • Second, she always wears mournful garb. Like everyone else in the The Resident Evil 8 village, she’s dressed like she just heard her favorite TV show got canceled. Why? Well, there are a few reasons.
  • It’s cold in the winter (also: fog), there’s no such thing as positive representation in the media, and she’s really into dark magic (along with most of the other lords). For some reason that the last one makes her dress like a funeral director holding a 10-year anniversary for somebody important’s death.
  • Finally, there’s Angie. Angie is her doll—a gift from Miranda when Angie was an infant. Angie gets around on her own two feet now (not on wheels), but she still has that doll smell that makes everyone say “

Salvatore Moreau: Lord of the Miasma

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • Salvatore Moreau is a mysterious man who hides away in a reservoir, and one of the four lords who serve Miranda. He hides his deformed form from snooping watches with a robe.
  • Moreau was once an ordinary villager, but after donning Miranda’s ring he was transformed into a hideous monster.
  • He is believed to have served as her right-hand man since she first arrived in the the Resident Evil 8 village.

Devices Every Gamer Wants

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • The latest installment in the critically-acclaimed The Resident Evil 8 village series, Village draws you in with haunting graphics and a chilling soundtrack. You must operate multiple weapons and objects against forceful competitors and add devices to your battery for conditions outside of fighting.
  • When you’re not battling creatures, you’re exploring the village of Doll’s Spire, a small hamlet that has been abandoned for many years. Your exploration will reveal the history behind this village and its inhabitants, as well as what lies beneath it all.
  • This new release is available on Windows PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia.

5 Tips to Help You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village

We’re going to be talking about the Resident Evil 8 Village.

  • There’s a lot of ground to cover, so we have an idea of where to start.
  • The last seven days have been nothing but hype, rumors, and speculation.
  • If you’ve been following the news, you know that Resident Evil 8 is going to take place in a small town called “Raccoon City.”
  • In this game, you’ll be playing Jill Valentine, a police officer who has been tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of her partner Chris Redfield.
  • The game takes place over a single night in a small town called Raccoon City.
  • You play Jill Valentine, a police officer who has been tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearance of her partner Chris Redfield.
  • As you investigate the case, you’ll discover that there are other people in this town that are also missing.
  • In order to find them, you must explore every corner of the city and uncover its secrets.
  • The game is set up like an open-world RPG, with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle-solving.

The Top 5 Best Weapons in the Game

  1. The V61 Custom Handgun
  2. The W870 TAC Shotgun
  3. The M1897 Shotgun
  4. The Magnum
  5. The M1911
The Resident Evil 8 Village
This image is taken from Resident Evil village
  • We all know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. As the main character in The Resident Evil 8 village, you will run into more than a few situations in which your life literally depends on having the right weapon for the job.
  • Sure, any gun can technically kill a zombie, but not every weapon can set one on fire, or instantly kill a werewolf from miles away.
  • You can allot weapons to quick slots so you can instantly change weapons depending on the situation. You’ll want to make sure you have at least one quick slot dedicated to a handgun (for those pesky enemies that try and get too close).
  • You might also want another slot dedicated to an assault rifle or shotgun (for groups of enemies). It’s also nice to have a more powerful weapon ready for werewolves (this could be something like the magnum).

Basic Strategies and Tips for Minion Rush Defense Level 3-4

  1. Guard against attacks to reduce enemy damage, then kick the enemies back.
  2. Use special moves such as energy shield and minion rush to defeat enemies and protect your base!
  3. Try upgrading your defense towers!

The Mercenaries: Cartel Conflict

  • In the Mercenaries: Cartel Conflict, you can get your monster-slaying fix by fighting waves of enemies from a first-person perspective after completing the main game story.
  • The game mode is action-packed and will leave you feeling ready to take over the world!

Mercenaries’ Guide to Survival

The Resident Evil 8 Village

Stages of the Mercenaries is all about speed and agility, so you’ll want to make sure you have the best weapons and abilities set up to achieve that. Our recommendations are:

-Any weapon that increases your movement speed

-The “Slippery When Wet” ability

-The “Quick Draw” ability

Once you’re armed like this, you’ll be able to run around the stage easily, dodging enemies as you go. The key here is not to kill more enemies than you need—keep it simple and fast!. We can Expect Resident evil 9 in 2023

System Requirements


Ray TracingWithout
OSWindows 10 (64 bit)
CPUAMD Ryzen 3 1200
Intel Core i5-7500
GraphicsAMD Radeon RX 560 with 4GB VRAM
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB VRAM
DirectXVersion 12
Estimated performance (when set to Prioritize Performance): 1080p/60fps.
・Framerate might drop in graphics-intensive scenes.
・AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 required to support ray tracing.


Ray TracingWith or Without
OSWindows 10 Version 2004 and above
GraphicsAMD Radeon RX 6700 XT(4K/45fps)
AMD Radeon RX 6800(4K/45fps)
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT(4K/60fps)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070(4K/45fps)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070(4K/60fps)
DirectXVersion 12
Estimated performance: 1080p/60fps
・Framerate might drop in graphics-intensive scenes.
・AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 required to support ray tracing.
Estimated performance (when set to Ray Tracing): 4K/45fps, 4K/60fps
・Framerate might drop in graphics-intensive scenes.

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