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Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in late-nineteenth-century America when the era of outlaws and gunslingers is gradually fading. While the names and appearances of the different towns and locales in the game, such as Valentine and Blackwater, are fictitious, they do have a degree of authenticity to the actual terrain of North America. The attention to detail in Red Dead Redemption 2 is patterned by genuine American states, as one user has demonstrated.

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Where does Red Dead Redemption 2 take place in real life?

There are several reasons why real-life locales were likely incorporated in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2‘s fictitious the United States is gargantuan, and the game’s environment is based on amalgamations of vast areas of the country. It’s no secret that places inspire Lemoyne and New Austin in the American southwest, such as western Texas and New Mexico.

Beyond the broad strokes, though, there are several clear connections between in-game settings, ranging from single sites to large villages, that Rockstar faithfully recreated. Here’s a summary of the Red Dead Redemption 2 places that are most closely based on their real-world equivalents, what they share, and why Rockstar may have to include them in the game.

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What city does Red Dead Redemption 2 take place in?

Even though the states in the game are fictitious, most of the topography in Red Dead Redemption 2 is based on real-life locations in the United States.

The player can explore five different fictional “states” on the Red Dead Redemption 2 map. West Elizabeth and New Austin were featured in the first Red Dead Redemption, whereas Ambarino, New Hanover, and Lemoyne debuted in the prequel.

It is possible to estimate what real-life United States regions each fictional state is meant to represent by looking at the geography, wildlife, and location of the fictional states.

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What state is West Elizabeth based on RDR2?

West Elizabeth looks to generally match Texas, Kansas, Colorado, and Oklahoma in terms of geography, however, Big Valley and Tall Trees appear closer to Californian areas. The Great Plains area is modeled on the central United States’ real-life Great Plains region.

Tall Trees is artistically inspired by Big Trees State Park and its neighboring areas on California’s Pacific Coast, particularly its sequoia trees; it also resembles the Carson National Forest in New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Big Valley is most likely the eastern Californian Yosemite Valley. The blue wildflowers that grow abundantly in Big Valley are nearly identical to the grey lupine, a typical wildflower in Yosemite.

Given that loons are generally only found near the Arctic Circle during the summer, but along the Pacific Coast of the United States during the winter, the presence of loons in both Big Valley and Big Valley implies California.

Babcock State Park in West Virginia inspired Strawberry and the surrounding area. Mount Shann is modeled on Mountain Shasta in northern California and is a tall peak in the area. The physical placement of Big Valley in relation to the other areas is comparable to that of Colorado, Montana, or Utah.

Overall, although blending various components, West Elizabeth may be thought to be based on California and Colorado, since Big Valley is based on several portions of California, particularly around the Yosemite Valley area, while also having a peak based on Mount Shasta, but the remainder of the territory is largely based on Colorado. Tall Trees like Big Trees State Park in California in appearance.

The show is based on the real-life Great Plains area, which runs across eastern Colorado. The region is similarly similar to the Carrizo Plains in central California.

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Blackwater: Location of the Chapel & Cemetery

On the outskirts of Blackwater, on the hill above the town, is a church surrounded by a vast cemetery. As indicated in the “Appearances” sections that follow, the chapel and cemetery appear in a variety of missions and game types.

Streets In Red Dead Redemption, Blackwater is the only town with prominent street names. The majority of the streets are cobblestone, while the ones heading out of town are paved before turning to dirt.

Main Street and Wapiti Avenue are the names of the streets.

Tallulah’s Place is a place where Tallulah’s

Wakhanknee Drive, Quayside Road, Van Horn Street, and Sisika Avenue.

Blackwater Police Department

Except for Saint-Denis, Blackwater has a more contemporary, organized law enforcement system, replete with a uniformed police unit and modern ranks, as compared to the other towns in the series.

With advanced equipment, enormous numbers of men, and better tactics, the Blackwater Police Department is only challenged by the Saint-Denis Police Department as the most effective law enforcement system in the town. Any hostile assailant or offender in the town will encounter serious opposition.

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Van der Linde Gang’s Attempted Robbery On The Blackwater Ferries

The attempted ferry heist organized by Dutch van der Linde and his group took place in Blackwater. It resulted in the deaths of a passenger, Heidi McCourt, as well as a number of police enforcement officers, including Davey Callander and Jenny Kirk, and the capture of Sean MacGuire and Mac Callander, the latter of whom eventually died in jail after suffering gunshot wounds.

Landon Ricketts was also present during the occasion, however, his specific role remains unknown. Pinkerton agents besieged the town after that, hoping to catch or murder the Van der Linde gang if they entered.

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Blackwater, Texas Main Street

It is not open for exploration until later in the game, when the Van der Linde gang has been disbanded in 1899, with the exception of Red Dead Online.

Entering town as Arthur Morgan will bring in an immediately wanted level and a police chase, both of which will be lethal for Morgan.

The town will be considerably different if the player comes as Arthur in 1899. The sole facility in town is the saloon, which is lacking a few structures that haven’t been completed yet, such as the railroad tracks and the bank. By the late 1890s, Blackwater had begun the process of development, but it had not yet reached complete civilization, since it was sparsely inhabited and only had one cobblestone roadway.

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How Red Dead Redemption 2’s Ending Deconstructs The Western

In the epilogue, John Marston, a former bandit, and surviving Van der Linde gang member, returns to the region in 1907 to purchase a tract of property known as Beecher’s Hope. He then encounters his former associate Uncle and returns to town on multiple occasions, including assisting Sadie Adler with bounty hunting on several occasions, acquiring a pre-cut home and barn for his plot of land, and proposing to Abigail on an evening out.

Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?
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How To Survive Undead Nightmare (Undead Overrun)

This is one of 23 sites in Undead Nightmare that must be cleaned of undead and then secured against re-infestation. Three survivors, including local gunsmith Elmer Purdy, are discovered defending the town (the other two men appear to be Missing Persons Grover Boone and Orison Pratt). Harold MacDougal, Mordecai Robbard’s niece, Silas, Connie McTavish, Lucille Billingsgate, Archibald Andrews, and Doreen and her family, who are stranded on a store’s rooftop, are among the survivors located in narrative missions. In the town, there are a total of twelve survivors.

Despite its size, it is one of the easier towns to save, with only Cochinay having lesser undead hordes to contend with.

The campaign “Curious Tales from Blackwater” begins here, and as part of the mission, the graveyard outside the church must be cleansed. The player can return to the cemetery after cleaning it up to clear it out again at a later time.

During Undead Nightmare, Marston’s safehouse is the Blackwater Hotel, not the bar, as it is in the main game.

Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?
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How I Became Master Of Undead Overrun In Red Dead Redemption

At Blackwater, there are several multiplayer game options to choose from. However, none are included in the original game. DLCs are required for all of them, as stated below.

Legends and Killers are required 

Gang Shootout  

Take the Bag

Organize Your Own


Liars and cheaters are required/DLC


Undead Nightmare is required / DLC

Land Grab – The game begins in an alley dockside on the southeast side of town, with the starting post in an alley near the docks.

The “Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?” map in Undead Overrun is located in and around the church.

Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?
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Blackwater Cigarette Card on a Barrel

Near the riverboat company, there is a wrought-iron fence. The Cigarette Card for Black Belle is on a box at the foot of the fence. Only after you’ve acquired “Smoking and other Hobbies.”

A ladder goes to the roof behind the Blackwater Grand Theatre. The Blackwater Cigarette Card may be found on top of one of the chimneys.

The Cigarette Card for Sadie Russell may be discovered on a barrel by the Barber in the chicken coop.

A structure on the western side of the road is located south of town. Between the two seats on the front porch is Aldous Bramley’s, Cigarette Card.

Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?
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One of my top 5 things in Undead Nightmare

The US flags that appear over the doors of the Blackwater bank in Undead Nightmare have portions of cloth missing. When the player is inside the bank, the sound of the wind flowing through these flags is exceptionally loud.

Almost every structure in Undead Nightmare is marked with a “U” or the term “Unclean” at the front door at a later point in the game.

Blackwater seems to be the only town in Undead Nightmare with apocalyptic messages strewn about.

Some of the messages in the preceding paragraphs pertain to John or other individuals in the game.

“I am your old buddy, amnesia,” John says to Irish in the mission “On Shaky’s Ground,” for example. Another message is Bonnie MacFarlane’s remark, “You do so love to talk in riddles,” in response to John’s unusual method of expressing his goal to kill Bill Williamson to her.

Another figure is Dutch Van Der Linde, who says before committing himself, “Our time has passed.” “I have a treatment for all diseases,” says a reference to Nigel West Dickens.

Surprisingly, the player can occasionally hear Seagulls and Dogs in Undead Nightmare, although they are nowhere to be found.

Blackwater is frequently the first town to be lost in Undead Nightmare.

Where does red dead redemption 2 take place?
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